Friday, August 04, 2006

Ausserordentliches Mitglied

Last night the MGV-Liebenau bestowed a very special honor upon David. They made him an "Ausserordentliches Mitglied." An official and special member of the chorus. Here is the official certificate of David's membership:
They also gave him a copy of the book telling the 100-year story of MGV, which they all signed :

They presented him with a new green Styrian jacket. The chorus will wear them next year instead of the grey ones they had this year.
David with the "Obmann" (chorus chairman), Helmut Kerschberger:

What a special year it's been indeed. Here's a look back...
The Advent concert:
MGV singing in Franziskanerplatz during the Christmas markets:

David with the "Chorleiter" (chorus leader), Heinz Strauss:
Robin & David at the beginning of the 100th year of the MGV. David was given his Styrian jacket this day:
The 100-year MGV concert in May:
The summer performance with the German Chorus:
It has been a special year for David to be included in the MGV, and for the MGV to have a member from the USA. Peter Fink, the eldest member, said he would never forget this year with David. He gave David a special poem as a gift and memory of the year:
Thank you to all the MGV members for welcoming David into your chorus and all of your generous gifts and support!