Thursday, August 10, 2006


We went "Schwammerl suchen" (mushroom hunting) in the woods on saturday. This is something I've always been wary about and never done at home because of all the poisonous mushrooms. But we felt we were in expert hands because our Austrian friends do it all the time, and we only looked for a specific type of mushroom that is not easily confused with any poisonous ones.
This is the "Eierschwammerl" (which translated literally means "egg mushroom" because the color resembles that of an egg yolk.) that we were specifically hunting for.

David and Ingrid cleaning the mushrooms so we could cook with them. Ingrid made a soup with them, and David & I cooked everyone an "American breakfast" and put the mushrooms in the scrambled eggs.
Here are some other mushrooms I came across (and did not pick) during my search for Eierschwammerl.