Wednesday, August 16, 2006


This week I (Robin) took a trip to Bratislava, Slovakia. David is busy finishing up his research before we leave for home, but I wanted to take advantage of still being in Europe! I met a really nice girl from Australia on the train, so we hung out in the city together which was really nice. I stayed in a "botel", how fun!

A panorama of the old town:
Looking across the river to the depressing blocks of communist-built apartment blocks.
This is the "new bridge" that the communists built in the 1970's. I wonder if the lookout platform was to spy on who was floating along the Danube. Bratislava is only about 10 kilometers from the Austrian border.

The old town is really charming:
hmmm... what do you think this says?
I thought these guys had great facial expressions:

I came across an indoor market: