Monday, August 21, 2006

Eating Habits

As we look forward to returning to the USA, there are several foods we are excited to eat again:
- Buffalo Wings
- nachos
- Korean food
- Chinese food
- Mexican food
- sushi
- greasy diner food
- spicy foods
- hamburgers (David)
- peanut butter (Robin)
- delivery!!!
Of course, there are many foods we've come to love here, and will definitely miss. Most of all, we will miss Kürbiskernöl. The dark, nutty oil that is a specialty of this region of Austria. In fact, we may go insane without it, and will need to find a way to start an import business so we don't turn into homicidal maniacs. This stuff is sooooo goooood!!

There is a juice brand here that I love, Pago. It is 100% natural, and is concentrated so you have to mix it 1/2 & 1/2 with sparkling water. Very refreshing and tasty!
The yogurt here is so much better than in the USA. It's rich, creamy and delicious. The only brand that comes close in the USA is "Brown Cow." There's this stuff called "topfen creme" which my mother was obsessed with eating when she visited. It's like yogurt on steroids- yum!
The bacon and sausages here are excellent. We will miss all the different choices once we're home and stuck with Oscar Mayer.

This is an excellent canned soup that we are very fond of and will definitely miss. It's got beans, veggis, oats, and bacon in a rich, hearty soup.
We will also really miss the warm food and cold refreshing drinks served at the huts in the mountains. Now it's back to packing your own lunch and eating squished sandwiches.

Also, my friend Michele who's living in Paris now pointed out after a visit to New York that you can get coffee in a paper cup in NYC (well, anywhere in the USA). And we realized, we have not drunk coffee out of a paper cup in a year! Actually, nothing out of paper or plastic. When they have street festivals here beer is served in a real glass and the food on real plates with silverware! As we've said before, it's the little things...