Friday, September 30, 2005

The Schlossberg

It is a crisp, sunny fall day...
perfect for exploring part of the city while David is at work
The Schlossberg is a hill that rises in the center of town. Long ago it had a castle and fortress on it. The oldest part of Graz is at the base of the Schlossberg, and used to be surrounded by city walls.

The steps climbing up the Schlossberg

The view is definitely worth the climb!
There is a restaurant and bar at the top,
but I think 10:30 am is a bit early for a beer for me.
(although not for some!)

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Fulbright Orientation

Fulbright Orientation:
Vienna, Melk, and Durnstein
September 20 - 25
The 'Rathaus' (town hall) in Vienna
The Volksgarten, Vienna

The Cathedral
We thought about getting a Smart Car,
but David would have to ride on the roof while Robin drives!
Freud's patient waiting room
The story of a renovation
The Benedictine monastery in Melk
The monastery overlooks the town of Melk

Along the Danube River in the Wachau region of Austria
The village of Willendorf

(famous for the 'Venus of Willendorf')

The Wachau is a wine region famous for Reisling

The grapes are all picked by hand due to the elaborate terraces

Approaching the village of Durnstein

Wine Cellar of 'Schloss Gobelsburg'

Red wine matures in small oak casks, used only twice!

White wine matures in BIG oak casks

(It's hard to tell from the pic, but they are taller than a person)

Wines from many, many years ago

After a tour of the cellars, we were treated to an amazing wine tasting of 5 types of wine, delicious local cheese, an array of meats and sausages, narrated by one of Schloss Gobelsburg's vintners.

A truly amazing end to a truly amazing day.

Our Apartment

Dreihackengasse 7 /8
8020 Graz
Living RoomKitchen
Study Area
Our Patio

The front of our building (it's only 1 year old)

Looking back towards the street

There is a nursery school in the building, it uses the courtyard as a playground for the kids

The back side of the building (that's our patio on the far left)

Culture Shock

Graz, Austria:
Latitude: 47° 05' North, Longitude: 15° 22' E

The river Mur flows through the center of Graz:

We are officially over our jetlag, and are officially frustrated on how bad our German really is. Every interaction is a calculated effort. We're tired of communicating like 4-year olds! A German class is the main thing on the agenda...

Graz is a quaint city with lots of 'old European' charm. It is the second largest city in Austria, with a population of 250,000. (Although, sometimes we wonder where all the people are.)

David is starting his time at TU Graz, and Robin is wondering what she is doing over here! Or rather, what she will do.